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"I have been working with dogs for many years. 
Several years ago I started working with Wesley, a mixed breed from the shelter.  He demanded more of me than any other dog I had worked with.  He challenged me to learn new techniques, and consider new approaches to training and behaviour.  This forced me to become more aware of my energy, and how it affected Wesley's energy and his behaviour. 
The changes were amazing.
The impact on my life was huge. 
Now, I do what I do to help people live the life they want, and have their dog be an amazing part of it. 
If you have ever thought that nothing or no one could help your dog, never say never.
In my experience, progress is always possible."
~ Laura DeSipio, Founder of Westside Dog Training

Am I the teacher for you? It's always best to choose a teacher you feel a connection with.

I believe that great teachers are students first, and I am a self proclaimed ‘eternal student’.   Dog behaviour is fascinating to me.  I love learning, studying & observing other professionals as well as the experts: dogs themselves. 

I am proud, and very fortunate, to have been mentored by some of the top Canine Professionals in the industry.

See below for details of some of the Courses I have completed, as well as memberships:

  • Cesar Millan Fundamentals of Dog Behaviour & Training 1: "hands-on course designed and taught by Cesar Millan, at his Dog Psychology Center in California, based on his unique gifts and insights into dog behaviour and psychology.  He teaches what you need to know to have a balanced, fulfilled dog and to be the best Pack Leader you can be."

  • LAK9’s Dog Psychology Shadow Program with Colleen Steckloff-Aguilera: "Our Shadow Program is perfect for the established professional dog trainer looking to hone in on their skills.  This intimate program involves following Colleen (very closely) throughout her day of client consultations, rehabilitation work with aggressive and fearful dogs and pack work.  But don't plan on just being her shadow!  This is a hands on program so prepare yourself to be part of the pack!

  • Member IACP (International Association of Canine Professionals): the IACP was established to develop and promote the highest standards of professional and business practice among canine professionals.  The IACP is dedicated to the education, development and support of canine professionals worldwide.

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